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Tamlyn Tomita Blasts Producers after reading NI’IHAU script


In another case of ‘whitewashing” Benahakaka Kanahele was a Native Hawaiian earned a Purple Heart for his heroics during World War II—in the upcoming “Niʻihau.” Somehow Black Sails star Zach McGowan,who is a blue-eyed white guy, has been cast to star as Ben Kanahele in the feature movie Niihau.

Tamlyn Tomita is having none of this and blasted Ni”nihau Producers in an email. Tamelyn is a Japanese-born American actress, singer an outspoken Advocate of Asian American Artistry. She made her screen debut in The Karate Kid Part II, as Rumiko” (1986) and was most well-recognized for her role as Waverly in The Joy Luck Club. She’s also in …

Fellow Japanese American actress Keiko Agena (GILMORE GIRLS), she shares an email that Tomita had sent to the producers after reading the script back in February.

Tamlyn Tomita

Feb 7

to Rebecca, Nancy

heyllo rebecca

i appreciate you setting this up, but this script is a piece of shit and i am not mincing words…

my thoughts?
– the writer/director has absolutely done no research whatsoever in writing about native hawaiians and japanese-americans in hawaii pre-1941 – has he ever been to hawaii? has he heard how hawaiians speak?
the dialogue is atrocious in tone, setting, and authenticity – hey!
‘eastenders’ guy – write what you know and stick with it

– he has the gall to name 2 minor characters after 2 of the most cherished entertainers from hawaii – you know the hawaiian rendition of ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ accompanied by ukulele? that’s izzy ka’ano’i (sic name of the album by the late Hawaiian musician Israel Kamakawiwo’ole), the other is named ke’ali’i reichel, you think no one who appreciates hawaiian music is going to notice that?